Gifted Travel Network presents

6th Annual

August 2 - 6, 2021

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Here are the details:

  • When is it? August 2 - August 6, 2021
  • Where is it? Online. You can join in from your laptop/desktop/phone.
  • Who should attend? All travel advisors are welcome, but this year's sessions are designed specifically for those just starting out in the travel industry.
  • How much does it cost? It's FREE!
  • What's it all about? Join us for five days of live sessions featuring industry educators and travel advisors.
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    - How to Master the Human Connection in a Digital World
    - Show Me the Money" with Meredith Hill
    - Top Tips from Top Producers (Panel) with Sandy Saburn
    - Ask Us Anything Q&A with Jen Cochrane, Meredith Hill, and Vanessa McGovern
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Travel Entrepreneurship: Why Now & Why You

Right now the travel industry is experiencing higher demand for travel advisors than we have seen in many years. That means now is a fantastic time to create a life you love around your passion for travel. We are going to look at what the opportunity looks like, who it is right for, and how to get started.

Hosted by: Meredith Hill and Shannon Cunnigham

Monday, August 2nd at 12pm ET

Creating a Business That Is Uniquely You (Panel)

Each person who starts a travel business has their own unique goals for that business. It could be a type of travel they want to focus on or a type of traveler they want to work with. In this session, we will showcase three very different travel businesses and illustrate the advantages of each and how they mesh with their creators' goals.

Hosted by: Lisa Fletcher
Panelists: Danielle Dybiec, Tesa Totengo, and Cathy Rowland

Monday, August 2nd at 3pm ET

Path to Profitability: How to Make the Transition to Be a Full Time Travel Advisor

For many people, the goal of creating a travel business is to have it replace your full-time job, not just something you do on the side. In this session, you will learn how some people are able to make the transition sooner than others so you can follow a path to success.

Hosted by: Jen Cochrane

Tuesday, August 3rd at 12pm ET

Successful Launch Strategies (Panel)

Want to hear from travel advisors who were brand new to the industry and have launched successful travel businesses in the past 2 years? This panel is for you! Hear real-world stories of what worked, what they struggled with, and where they are now in growing their businesses.

Hosted by: Lisa Fletcher
Cassandra Metzger, Brittany McNamara, and Robin Cline

Tuesday, August 3rd at 3pm ET

Client Attraction Magic (Panel)

For this session, we have compiled a list of advisors who excel at attracting their ideal client using a variety of online and offline methods. Hear what is working for them right now and the amazing results they have been able to achieve.

Hosted by: Vanessa McGovern
Laney Sachs and Amy Kaufman Relihan

Wednesday, August 4th at 12pm ET

How to Move Forward for Maximum Success

When you are launching a new business, there are so many decisions to make that can leave even seasoned veterans overwhelmed. There is a path to success that has been used by travel advisors and has been proven successful. We will outline it for you in this session.

Hosted by: Meredith Hill

Wednesday, August 4th at 3pm ET

Peer to Peer: Community Over Competition

Having a community that you can rely on for support, ideas, guidance, inspiration, and so much more is going to enable you to be more successful in any industry. The travel industry is no exception! This session will feature successful travel advisors discussing what community means to them and share some of the best things they have learned from their peers.

Hosted by: Vanessa McGovern
Kristin Matthews, Janine Queenin, and Lise-Marie Wertanzl

Thursday, August 5th at 12pm ET

From Advisor to Business Leader: Luxury Travel Success (Panel)

Though there are plenty travel businesses out there that are essentially one-man or one-woman shows, others have employed successful growth strategies and built fulfilling and lucrative small agencies. Hear from top-producing travel advisors who have accelerated their success by bringing on more team members as they share the benefits and challenges of managing the growth of their businesses.

Hosted by: Jen Cochrane
John Rees, Stephanie Goldberg-Glazer, Sandy Lipkowitz

Thursday, August 5th at 3pm ET

Beyond Travel Entrepreneurship Week

Hosted by: Shannon Cunningham and Meredith Hill

Friday, August 6th at 12pm ET

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What past attendees are saying:

"This week has been fantastic!! I'm excited to start in the right direction."

- Roni C.

"It was awesome. My first Travel Entrepreneurship Week. Truly inspiring and informative."

- Darlene M.

"This has been such a motivating and uplifting week!"

- Trish B.